Monday, April 09, 2007

Mining the Model

Hey ... I'm back.

Once again, life's gotten in the way of these chronicles ... between a heavy load at work, preparing for a concert at church .... and rolling the boulder over at Blackfive/keeping tabs on the Indepundit ... I didn't have much time to mine my own mind for gems to drop here, lately.

In fact, I am in the process of changing tactics when it comes to rolling the boulder -- being that there are more boulder-rollers now, from what I see, who are willing to provide a logical counterpoint to the screeching of the parrots. (Could that be because, with the success so far of our new ways of doing business in the Iraq theater, we have more new material to both work with, and encourage us?) ... and because the crushing of Leftist parrots has virtually left only those who won't be crushed, until the truth bites their beaks off.

Watch this space for the changes ... I think you will enjoy them.

For now ... I've found myself going more and more often to visit Iraq the Model. The good brothers there are making our MSM look like typists for the tabloids, when it comes to reporting the facts-on-the-ground.

And in the comments of their latest post, I found the following gems:

From commenter steve-o:

10 Reasons It's Not A Civil War

1. The two main factions alleged (by those who wish it to be true) to be fighting a "civil war," the Sunnis and Shias, are still serving in Iraqi government positions, working together in the halls of government.

2. Neither party has withdrawn from the government to form a rump, competing, or rebel government. The Sunnis would be the logical party to withdraw, since they are in the minority.

3. Sunnis and Shias recently attended a mass funeral procession together for victims of AQ violence.

4. Millions of Sunnis and Shias are happily intermarried in Iraq, especially in Baghdad.

5. Suicide bombings of innocent Iraqis by AQ is not a civil war. It is a failed attmept to start a civil war which so far has failed.

6. So called sectarian violence, which in some cases is actually the killing of AQ members and/or supporters, is not a civil war. Such killings have decreased. This will not end yet, some Shias have 30 years of oppression to avenge. This is not civil war, this is vigilantism.

8. There has not been a single instance of a pitched battle at even the platoon level between Sunnis and Shias with both sides organized and fighting under commanders, etc. There is no area under control of "rebels" who have announced a rump government.

9. The Sunnis greatest fear is that the USA will withdraw from Iraq before a political reconciliation is accomplished. Why? See below.

10. Sunnis can't fight a successful civil war when they only number 15% of the population (down from 20%, due to death and fleeing of the country).


If the USA withdraws, a civil war of sorts could begin. It will be short and bloody, and the Sunnis will lose. That war would be a humanitarian problem, and a geopolitical problem if other countries become involved, which is likely. AQ and its' backers are a geopolitical problem. This gives the USA three good reasons to stay for now.

An aside: It's not an occupation when a government has forces working in a country at the invitation and consent of the two major parties within an elected government of the host country. Neither the Sunni nor the Shia contingent of the Iraqi government has made any move to ask the USA to leave. The Shias will be first to do so.
The best refutation I've seen yet of the whole "civil war" canard.

Then, there's this little gem from commenter Brian Hall:

BTW, am seeing lots about Mookie's March in the MSM, but nada about the anti-terror demonstration. The bias is getting far worse. Park has it right: the Western Left is determined to push moral equivalence to the ultimate conclusion by denigrating everything positive and glorifying the rotten until they meet, indistinguishable, in the center.
I never heard the objective of the Left put quite this way ... but I can't argue against the characterization!

i saw you again at church. your mine.
You'd have to have awfully good vision to see me all the way from Qwest's service area ... and to my knowledge, I have never identified where I go to church in any way that is 'Net accessible, so I really doubt your ability to see me.

Go find something else to amuse yourself with.
Anon, did you buy chocolates for him?

Typically, I don't care what people call it, Rich. All I care about is that they kill people, the right people, and fast.
Hey Rich, I got something you might like.

No, it's anon's head or ears.

Overthinking in America

I think I remember you saying something about overthinking in a blackfive comment. But you didn't write that post of Laer's, so I misattributed Laer's post to you. That's the bad news. The good news for me is that now I can provide you a post you might be interested in, if you had not read it already.
Oops, Freudian slip, not ears or head.
Thanks, Ymar -- I followed the link, and while I don't necessarily agree with the cited Pentagon report being an example of overthinking, the writer's point hits home.
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