Sunday, November 19, 2006

Re-shaping my battlespace ... (Updated)

With the Mrs. visiting friends and family in Dallas this weekend, I took the time to do some updating here ...

First, I have reorganized and updated The Nuts & Bolts Index. Check out the second post below this one ... or click on the link near the top of the (right) sidebar ... for the nuts-and-bolts of my thinking.

Next, I have updated my blogroll ... not just stylistically, in keeping with my role as The Alleged Mental Case, but in substance, by adding these new links:

And, I added a link to Milblogs in the roll -- even though you could already "get there from here" by clicking on the "Friends of Milblogs" graphic to the right. This multiple-author site is a picture window on the whole milblogosphere. It has become a favorite of mine ... and if you believe (as I do) that "a wise man has many counselors", this will become a favorite of yours, as well.

Now, for the biggest change of all ...

... the introduction of what I am calling Squat 'n' Thrust Trackforward posts, or STTP's.

If you have ever visited here more than once, you know that my posting can be sporadic.

That is primarily because I find commenting on other, more-highly-read blogs -- what I call "cybersquatting" -- mutually fufilling ... and symbiotically worthwhile in terms of the dissemination and defense of sound principle ... to the point of almost compulsive behavior. (Milblogs, Blackfive, and Indepundit are my primary blogosphere hangouts in this regard.)

However, I also value your willingness to stop in here, from time to time (particularly in response to a comment I have left at one of the other fine, intellectual (as opposed to mental) institutions in the blogosphere, like those listed above), and I want to make sure you continue to consider a visit here as worthwhile.

So, in addition to what original material -- and particularly good comments -- I can publish here in their entirety, I am striving to generate an STTP post every day or two, that will list links to all the blog posts where I have left comments, and/or are updated and/or still showing significant comment activity.

One ground rule in this, in order to preserve context, is that these links will actually be permalinks to the original blog posts ... not the comments threads themselves. It will be left to the reader to access the comments thread associated with the original post.

They will also not be "pretty" -- probably a list of "raw", non-embedded links (though I might add brief comments, next to a link, if I am compelled to do so).

UPDATE: I have another addition to the blogroll ... a philosopher-prince of the blogosphere: Grim Beorn. I have found that his calm, reasoned -- and steel-reinforced -- expression of his viewpoint lives up to the tagline of my own blog, sometimes even better than my own. That is why he is listed among "My Shrinks", even though he has worn the camouflage coat in his past.

UPDATE 2: I have added two buttons to the sidebar, so we remember ...

... who is paying the ultimate price to protect our liberty. They are not just numbers ... these Men and Women have names ... and loved ones left behind ... and a legacy.

... who paid the price for our myopia and INACTION in the past, and that -- to prevent others from paying that price again and again in the future -- our enemy cannot be ignored ... cannot be accommodated ... cannot be appeased ... but WE must see to it that our enemy is decisively DEFEATED.

In this time, when more and more of our nation's leaders and citizens are showing signs of going wobbly, to remember is more important than ever.

Thanks to Blackfive, for getting the word out about They Have Names ... your reporting inspired me to add the link to They Have Names, and the link to 2996 as well, to my sidebar.

So I will remember.

(First STTP is just below this post ...)

Thanks for helping to spread the word on this. I uploaded a new fallen hero profile today and I'm working towards two more for next week. Would you be willing to display the THN image in your sidebar as well? No offense if you'd rather not, as I know some people don't want to clutter up their sidebars. Here's the image link if you'd like to use it:

Thanks again for helping to spread the word.

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