Sunday, November 12, 2006

In the simplest of terms ...

... let me 'splain to you why it was necessary to invade Iraq.

The events of 11 September 2001 were perpetrated by a small group within a loosely-knit organization, using no more than a few dozen people for both operations and support, with a budget in the $1M-and-under range, and no sophisticated weapons or training ... let alone WMD.

That small-scale effort killed 3000 people, destroyed several hundred million dollars in aircraft, trashed several billion dollars of prime real estate, and delivered an economic blow to America on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Now ... think about another small group of people ...

... a group, where it is clearly evident that they consider your life and liberty as expendible as the perpetrators of September 11 considered them ... a group that, while they may not share every (or any) belief Al Quada cherishes, has their own aspirations of expanding their totalitarian rule anywhere it can ...

... except that, unlike Al Quada, they have access to, and/or control of, a nation with vast and valuable resources, and a relatively-high degree of technological and military sophistication ... a soverign nation, where nefarious activity can occur out of sight of other, more responsible nations ... while at the same time, move within the diplomatic community to exploit the good faith of those other nations to gain a tactical and/or strategic advantage to further their expansion.

Think about how much MORE damage, such a combination of evil men and an exploitable nation could do to our civilization ... including America, even before the first body falls on its streets.

This is EXACTLY the situation we faced in Iraq under Saddam ... and could still face, if we do not do whatever it takes to assure that Iraq can no longer be hijacked for totalitarian expansion.

Forget WMD. We didn't need them to reasonably justify his removal, capture, trial, and sentence. We already had all the historical evidence we needed to justify the above, without the stockpiles, if we had been listening to sound principle rather than internationalist idealism, and/or a bias against our way of life.

Yes, I know that our President did not make this case ... that he brought up WMD, in particular, as justification ... and legitimately so, as virtually everyone in the entire world who relied upon more than Pollyannaish speculation for intelligence, agreed with that assessment of Saddam's capabilities.

Even though it was a legitimate case -- he shouldn't have had to make WMD the centerpiece.

That the lack of WMD stockpiles de-legitimizes the war -- and this President -- in the eyes of so many, says more about our lack of judgment as a people, than it says about the credibility of this President.

Especially if and when that viewpoint takes over the leadership of our Congress.

Rich, as always I admire your logic, your fortitude in pressing the case, and your morals in the face of adversity. Thanks for backing me up brother.

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