Thursday, November 23, 2006

From the blogosphere, I (again) give thanks ...

... for being endowed by a loving, personal Creator with such inalienable rights as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ... and placing me in a nation where the most fundamental principle of its government is the preservation of these rights.

... that people like me can exercise those rights "because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf" -- by land, by sea and from above -- both at present, and in the past -- and that even these "rough" Men -- and Women -- have within them a great compassion that simultaneously tempers that roughness, and motivates their willingness to be rough when called for.

... that such great compassion -- and wisdom -- and courage -- is shared and reinforced by many who do not, or no longer, wear the Uniform, but are heroes in their own right.

... that I have the right to question, and even challenge the government, its leaders, and our social elites of my nation, in both word and deed.

... that even those who stridently disagree with me still have the same voice in the affairs of this nation that I do. I am thankful that we all have the right to say even things that are recognized as idiotic ... and that we all have both the authority and responsibility to declare them idiotic, when the facts support that conclusion.

... that the free flow of information ... and the analysis of same ... through multiple media systems is structurally protected by our nation as vital to maintaining our freedom -- and that the blogosphere itself has taken its place as an essential tool for the maintainence of integrity within that flow ... even if it means going into harm's way to do so.

... that, even in time of crisis, we can still "dream big", soar like eagles, and reach for the stars.

... that there are others in our world -- indivduals and nations -- who share our values, stand by us, and could even serve as our refuge if our nation ever goes bad.

... that there are even people who, working with us, are turning bad places in this world into good ones ... even as they realize what it meant to our own Founders to pledge "their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor" to the effort.

... that even those who care for the smallest Gnat can be recognized for their greatness ... and maintian a realism and humility about them that makes them reluctant to acquire greater power.

.... and, that, finally, all these virtues are shared by a multitude that is almost impossible to number ... a sharing made graphically evident during our times of tragedy ... and by the acts of ultimate courage, from ordinary, yet extraordinary Men and Women, in response to such tragedy.

Enjoy the holiday ... and do remember the reasons for this season.

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