Saturday, September 09, 2006

Reposting the truth about Iraq ...

This post, from this comments thread at Mudville, was in response to a persistent gnat-strainer whose stock phrase for President Bush was "Liar-in-Chief".

This particular troll has persistently polluted the milblogs I read regularly ... so I am reposting it here, so I can link back to it whenever he appears. That way, new readers in these blogs can see who is telling the truth ... and who is not ... without me taking up tons of their bandwidth.

You read it, and tell me who the real Liar-In-Chief is:


The WMD story was manufactured. The al-Qaeda terror story was manufactured. The human rights angle was always a sick joke ... This was Bush's good ol' fashioned imperal war, circa 1900. You've wasted nearly 2,100 American soldiers killed; nearly 16,000 wounded; tens of thousands of Iraqis dead and wounded -- and for what? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Imperial war? Show me ... from any credible source, not your usual Leftist electronic-toilet-paper ... where we are colonizing Iraq.

And "for nothing ... nothing at all"?

> Finally, we can be assured that Saddam Huessein does not have the ability to either directly deploy WMD, or deliver it to terrorist surrogates ... a condition NO ONE, be they President, Senator, Head Spook at any intel agency around the world, UN Secretary General, or weapons inspector was able to achieve prior to this war. Consider this war a comprehensive weapons inspection for any WMD under Saddam's control ... the only comprehensive one, free of the obfuscation, obstruction, and shell-gaming of Saddam & Sons.

> We can also be assured that Saddam no longer has the ability to reconstitute those shelved WMD programs documented in the NON-PARTISAN Duelfer Report. Riddle me this, Boy Blunder ... just how were we going to stop those programs from restarting, once Saddam squeaked by one (non-comprehensive) weapons inspection and got sanctions lifted? Those were every bit as dangerous in the long term as any "stockpile" -- yet you parse words, simply because someone you loathe led the way in permanently stopping them.

> We are also assured that Saddam no longer has access to that 500 tons of uranium -- and that 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium -- for further processing into radiological, or even nuclear, weapons. Don't give me your BS about IAEA seals ... they are only as good as IAEA access to the sealed areas, which was under the control of who? Saddam. No reasonable person would place their trust in such a situation.

> We are also assured that Saddam can no longer stoke the fires of Palestinian terrorism, one $25,000 log at a time ... and we are assured that he can no longer deliver his usual material/logistical/training/medical services to terrorists, including shelter to all those "retired" terrorists who fled to Iraq, the 1993 WTC bomber, and a certain headchopper by the name of Zarqawi. We are also assured that those documented, casual ties between Saddam & AQ will never be turned into a full operational relationship. Of course ... keep in mind, this was always about more than Al Quada ... this is a TOTAL War on Terror, that is being intelligently fought ... with the recognition that not all of the Arab/Muslim world, even in Saudi Arabia, is our enemy.

> By "sick joke", Wilson, do you mean putting an end to the filling of mass graves by Saddam & Sons? Or do you mean the MILLIONS of purple fingers who are pointing the way to taking their nation back ... another FACT that gives the LIE to your assertion that this was "Bush's Imperial War"?

> Finally, if you had your way, Saddam would still be in power ... instead of being on trial, not for the pleasure of George W. Bush, but for crimes against his own people. ... with his successors, Uday and Qusay ... DEAD-AY

This list shows that the issues you say George W. Bush manufactured ... Saddam's dealings with WMD, his terrorist support, and freedom for the Iraqi people ... were REAL ... not "manufactured". And it also shows that George W. Bush ... who this independent is proud to call "my President" ... was good to his word, and addressed them, decisively, by removing Saddam & Sons from control of Iraq.

Keep in mind, Wilson, that all the above was executed, NOT IN YOUR NAME, but in the name of millions of people ... including the killed and wounded you and your fellow moonbats wave like a bloody shirt ... many of whom would, if they had the chance, spit on you for besmirching their sacrifice.

All the above truly is "someone else's fault" ... not yours.

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I don't normally delete critics' posts ... but when the most erudite item in a post is the F-bomb, it deserves to live about as long as Saddam deserved to live.
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