Friday, August 18, 2006

A Grim undertaking ...

... is why, even though I said I was back, this is my first post since then.

I have been following -- and contributing to -- a thread started by Grim over at Blackfive, entitled "On the Virtues of Killing Children" .

You need to get over your shock ... and read past the title. It is quite thought-provoking ... as evidenced by the longest comment thread (pushing 400) I have seen on Blackfive.

Unfortunately, some of the commenters stopped at the title, and started spasimodically jerking their left knees ...

This latest post of mine in the thread, summarizes my thoughts pretty well:


Tom ... no one is saying that our soldiers shouldn't try to keep these children alive.

However, what Grim is talking about here is the choice between:

> Keeping the innocents directly in front of you alive today ... and placing many, many more innocents at risk by keeping the individual enemy alive in the process, while also giving the enemy, as a whole, the incentive to eschew honorable warfare and, while surrounded by still more innocents in his midst, attack the innocents in our midst.

> Realizing that all avenues to keep the innocents in front of you today alive have been exhausted, and the ONLY way to protect those many, many others I talk about is to risk (not intentionally target) the lives of the innocents in front of you, to kill the individual enemy ... eliminating the threat he poses to those many, many more (and perhaps even those today, if you are fortunate), while removing the incentive of the enemy as a whole to surround themselves with, or immerse themselves among, their own innocents.

One thing I have noticed ... while yours is one of the most thoughtful criticisms of Grim's position here, many of the other, knee-jerk critics miss the point.

It is the enemy that places the innocents in their midst at risk in this scenario ... something we have seen them do for real, everywhere from Saddam's lap in 1990, to southern Lebanon today.

Where is the condemnation of the enemy, from these critics ... or is it just easier, and/or more emotionally satisfying (accuracy be damned) for them to blame America and her current President for this evil?

Tom, this is directed -- not at you -- but at the knee-jerks:

"We see right through you and your calls for peace
Right through to your core of disdain
For the principles that have made America great
And the freedom you say you proclaim
If you really seek peace, then protest the terrorists
Who crash planes and slaughter men like lambs ...
Your protests, my friends
Sound much like breaking wind ...
Your protests sound much like breaking wind"


Like I said ... thought-provoking.

As a teaser for my next post ... think "choose two".

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