Saturday, April 15, 2006

The one essential element our troops need ...

... from us!

Get the message out ... in your blogs, on your cars, wherever ...

... for when we supply our troops, and their leadership, with an abundance of resolve to defeat our terrorist enemies, they will get what they need (as opposed to what some armchair general or "ex-spurt" THINKS they need) to finish this job, in the right way.

... for if it is not supplied, we will inevitibly lose this war ... for our enemies have an abundant supply of this, as well.

For us, it is an instrument of peace ... for our enemies, their resolve is a WMD with us as the targets.

Keep in mind, that sending more of our troops in can turn this war-against-thugs into a true civil war, by wrongly reinforcing the accusations of "imperialism" made by our enemies (who are themselves as imperialist and oppressive as you can get).

Keep in mind, that despite the assertions of the armchair quarterbacks, we are increasing troop strength -- Iraqi troop strength.

Keep in mind, that calls for a symbolic "sacrifice" on the part of the American people, can be counterproductive to supporting our troops in tangible terms, by gumming up the economic engine that sustains their efforts. Let's not cut off our nose, to make our face feel warm and fuzzy ...

Our enemies will be defeated, only if we OUTLAST them.

Get the messgage out.

Wow! You got spam smashed right there! Yikes.

I found you through an old post in 2005. Are you still at Lakeway? Just curious - long story. Let me know (
Hey Rich C, here's the response.

For your convenience.

Response to your com on BF

By the way, while I don't know whether we can outlast our enemy or not, but I'm pretty sure they are not going to be sitting pretty when I drop them on six inches of a wooden stake sharpened for their ass.

I don't care who it is, Osama, Al Sadr, Khomeini, Abu Musab Z Man. They won't be sitting pretty when they see their subordinates executed in that fashion.
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