Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cybersquattin' -- WWJD?

To all those whose knowledge of Scripture seems to begin and end with "Where much is given, much is required ..."

IMO, Jesus wouldn't wait for the illegal immigrant to cross our border before He'd step in and help him ... He was always big on GOING to others and rendering aid -- and not just the Band-Aid of short-term relief that has the appearance of "doing something".

I don't see any of you lining up to go down to Mexico and do just that ... rendering aid not only by delivering physical necessities, but in confronting the corruption that is oppressing these people and forcing them out of their nation.

No, instead, it is always America that is either the cause of the problem (and therefore deserves to alone be burdened with its resolution), or the cash cow that alone must be milked to solve the problem.

We didn't cause this mess to begin with ... and there are more resources than ours that should be applied to rectifying it. I'll tell you where the prejudice is here ... it is the prejudice of those who persist in viewing America as a greedy nation, facts be damned, and therefore deserving of all the burdens being placed on it, and it alone.

BTW, that same Jesus also told us to render unto Caesar's, what is Caesar's ... and the way I see it, now that "we the people" have supplanted Caesar, that commandment carries extra weight.
Illegally slipping into this nation, and avoiding obedience to her laws ... including, but not limited to, her tax laws ... is not conformance to that commandment by any definition.
And if you want more reinforcement for this position, go read what Jesus' spokesman Paul had to say in Romans 13.

Finally, what makes y'all think that Jesus would approve of people speaking for him, whose socioeconomic worldview can be summed up as follows:

We'll guarantee your right to ...

... get stoned ...
... get your jollies ...
... get a free Band-aid ...
... get a check ...
... and "get by" ...

... by taking your right to get ahead, as we ignore your right to live

Read the parables ... Jesus had a healthy respect for both the profit motive and the work ethic, as long as it did not get in the way of one's relationship with Him. He also took a rather dim view of living like a libertine ... even in the case of the convicted adultress, He told her to "go and sin no more" as He protected her and forgave her.

And, regarding the war we are presently in ... the same God whose Son told us to turn the other cheek (which is quite different than forgiveness) gave us a total of four cheeks to turn ... and a brain to discern an alternative course of action, prior to running out of cheeks.

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