Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cybersquattin' -- It Bears Repeating ...

... again, and again, and again.

You'll see why, at the end


Please, give me evidence that this war is worth fighting.

How about ...

... Saddam's history of significant support for terrorism in the name of Islam ... financial, logistical, and in terms of its human resources.

... Saddam's mothballed WMD programs, documented in the Duelfer Report (anti-warriors: what was YOUR plan to keep these programs from being restarted, since you didn't even know their scope until after we went in?)

... the fact that the only real deterrent to the conventional threat Saddam posed to the Persian Gulf, was our presence there ... a presence that would be pressured to leave, as soon as Saddam squeaked by one (non-comprehensive) weapons inspection and the resultant declaration of victory by diplomats worldwide.

In the light of the above, our strike in Iraq was, to the War on Terror, the EXACT equivalent of bombing a German munitions plant in WWII.

But wait, there's more ...

... the amalgam of capricousness, brutality, and mendacity that is Saddam Huessein, demonstrated for years upon Iraqis (Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd), as well as upon Iranians and Kuwaitis ...

... demonstrated in particular by all those mass graves ...

... and so typical in the light of history. Anti-warriors: name me ONE totalitarian regime with expansionist tendencies in history, who ceased expansion and/or gave up power voluntarily, in the absence of a CREDIBLE threat of force against them.

In the light of the above, what has happened in Iraq, was the equivalent of ending the Nazi regime ... in 1934 or 1935, instead of 1945.

Still more ...

... the fact that, until Iraq has a sustainable rights-respecting government, it will be susceptible to being hijacked and exploited by another Saddam wannabe, and/or by those paragons of freedom, the Iranian mullahs.

... the fact that the oceans no longer protect us. Technology has physically and virtually interconnected our world, to the point that any significant disruption of that interconnecton is a significant threat to the whole of civilization. Someone above suggested we should "protect our home FROM home". I have two words for you: Maginot Line. If a determined enemy is left to plan in peace, he will take his time and develop effective countermeasures to any defense you devise, then attack at a time and place of his choosing. You must deny that enemy that peace, by taking the fight to him.

... 40 years of negotiation, accommodation, and the moral equivalence that treated dictator and democrat with equal deference in international forums like the UN, led those who wish to impose totalitarian rule upon us to believe that we were not going to challenge them ... and they began to act upon that knowledge, starting with the exploitation of our open societies and good-faith diplomacy to better position themselves for war.

In the light of the above, what is happening now is a common-sense correction to 40 years of Utopian lunacy, where men whose actions liberated millions were villified by the so-called "peace-loving" as reckless "cowboys", while thugs were left to grow stronger and bolder.

Why did we suffer this lunacy?

Because to many of our "sophisticated" and "enlightened", the Unpardonable Sin is having confidence enough in your principles to act in accordance with them ... even when those principles have been validated by history.

The Iraqis have the same innate humanity as we do ... a humanity that transcends religion, ethnicity, and culture ... a humanity that responds to the opportunity to exercise their inalienable rights in a nation that structurally protects those rights ... and they will do so if we sustain our effort until those protections are there.

The benefit to us? Their nation and its resources will no longer be susceptible to hijacking from within by totalitarian thugs or fanatics, to plausibly be used against us or others who cherish freedom outside their borders.

Contrary to what some generals (who seem to be wanting to fight this war like the last ones, without regard to its asymetrical nature) may be saying, numbers -- and the heavy hand derived from them -- are not what we need.

What we need is the one thing that, when we exhibited it over the last four decades, led to the retreat and defeat of the greatest threats to modern civilization ... and whenever we did not exhibit it, far weaker enemies grew stronger and bolder, to the point that this present conflict became inevitible, harder, longer, and more costly.


We must outlast these enemies ... and convince them that we are NOT going away before they do ... even while we convince those around them that we are NOT going to oppress them by a gentle-but-firm presence in their nation.

Unprincipled criticism ... much of it based on that same Utopian lunacy that let these threats grow for decades ... undermines that resolve, while strengthening the resolve of our enemies. Don't think so? Ask Vietnam's General Giap. If your enemy can't defeat you directly (and they can't), watching you question your principles, villify your statesmen, and lose your resolve to oppose them is very encouraging to them. It does make them hang on, and fight harder.

We need RESOLVE ... not more troops, not WWII-style "sacrifice" (which would be counterproductive to the war effort), but RESOLVE ...

... or we and/or our posterity WILL be defending our home, FROM home ... against a stronger, and perhaps even nuclear, enemy ... with no other friends around to help us.

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