Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cybersquattin' ... in simple terms ...

... let me spell out the link between 911 and Iraq.

Both operations were run by terrorists ... and terrorism in any form is an existential threat to civilization.

Full stop ... end of story.

Everything else ... the terrorist training camps in Iraq, Zarqawi's ability to move freely in Iraq before the invasion, the contacts between Iraq and AQ ... is icing on the cake. The fact that Saddam engaged in terrorism is sufficient for reasonable people to demand his takedown.

This is a War on Terror, of which 911 was our wake-up call ... to arms. The 911 hijackers, and even Al Quada, are not the only threat out there.

Stop the moonbat tit-fro-tat games ... a.k.a. the "law-enforcement" approach, where we only go after those involved in a specific incident ... and realize that we are in a war that is bigger than Iraq.

You want to know why we needed to take Saddam down?

Look at Iran.

Had we acceeded to your views, Saddam would be well on his way to emulating the Iranian president ...

... except that Saddam would not have a set of mullahs to act as a check-and-balance, but still had the rather-unique history of using WMD upon innocent populations.

He would have his own, dormant weapons programs (documented in the Duelfer report) running again, as soon as he squeaked by one non-comprehensive weapons inspection and the diplomats subsequently declared victory.

Or ... did you know, before the invasion, about the dormant WMD programs, and have a plan to stop those? I'd like to hear it.

(part of a dialogue with a regular Left-leaning commenter, here ... formatting added for emphasis.)

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