Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tell me there's no media bias ...

... or at least an irrational moral equivalence among the media:

AP headline, 19 Jan 2006:

Iraq Asks U.S. to Release Six Female Hostages.

The article actually refers to eight female detainees, in conjunction with the kidnapping of a freelance reporter for the Christian Science Monitor.

Come on, people ... can't you tell the difference?

(tracked to Mudville Gazette's Open Post).

Now even the AP is biased... how unfortunate.
Aw, c'mon. The AP has been biased for so long that Walter Crankcase hadn't even learned to write yet.

Hey, Rich, keep the libs stirred up.

Oh, "Dumbshit of the Week" has a post on the Milwaukee 5 getting a sweetheart of a pleabargain from a Democrat DA for slashing the tires of dozens of vans rented to get out the GOP vote in the Milwaukee area. Now, the biased MSM has reported what on this story?

We can still lose this war on Terror. We won’t loose it on the Battlefield however. Should we lose it will be on the editorial pages of our newspapers, and in the speeches given by our elected representatives who place the short term political gains of their party ahead our national security on their priority list.
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