Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tag! I'm It ...

... at least that's what Daniel says.

I can't think of a better way to get "back in the saddle", so here we go:

Four jobs I've held in my life:

Detassler for a hybrid-seed-corn farm.
Service-station attendant (says something about my age).
Bread truck driver.
And of course, engineer, which has its own set of four:

> Radio frequency (AM transmitter design)
> Audio frequency (pro audio design)
> Line frequency (utility equipment)
> Zero frequency (batteries, chargers, and associated test equipment)

One could say that my career is one of decreasing frequency ... and it can't go any lower.

Four movies I could watch over and over:

Hellfighters ... starring John Wayne in a role where brains counts as much as brawn.
Apollo 13 ... where heroic high-tech rednecks abound.
Forest Gump ... which shows just how much one man "could" affect the entire world.
Armageddon ... golf balls, $25; oil rig, $8,000,000; using Greenpeace to judge your distance ... priceless!

Four places I've lived:

Springfield, MO (my birthplace)
Wilmington, OH (where I learned how to rock 'n' roll)
Highland, IL (where I raised my kids)
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (where I became a Texan "by environment").

Four TV shows I love to watch:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -- wackiness for good cause!
The Apprentice -- and I thought MY project schedules were short!
American Chopper -- not for the bikes, but for the interpersonal relations.
Modern Marvels -- ok, I'm a nerd!

Four websites I visit daily (besides Daniel's):

The Indepundit (my blogdaddy)
Mudville Gazette
Froggy Ruminations

And of course, I leave comments at all of them!

Four of my favorite foods:

My father's corn bread (made in a skillet, with NO ... I repeat, NO ... sugar!)
Homegrown, half-runner green beans.
NY Strip Steak -- medium, rolled in coarse-ground pepper-based seasoning.
Outback's Bloomin' Onion

(now you see why I could be "viewed" as the conservative mirror-image of Michael Moore!)

Four places I'd rather be:

At 10,000 feet altitude, behind the controls of a Cirrus SR-22.
Dallas -- it is in the GREAT state of Texas, after all (and home of da Band)!
Quincy IL -- holding my grandaughters.
The White House

Four albums I can't live without:

Petra -- Beyond Belief
White Cross -- In The Kingdom
Newsboys -- Shine: Greatist Hits (2000)
Third Day -- Wire

(admittedly, my tastes might be considered rather "peculiar")

Hey ... Tantor ... Jeremiah ... MajorDad ... and the Greyhawks ...

Now You're It!

Okay...Rich tagged me, so here goes.

Four jobs I've held in my life:

Department of Defense Civilian Employee
Defense Contractor (brief enough not to get slimey)
Infantry/Military Intelligence Officer
Caddie (CaddyShack's a documentary)

Four movies I could watch over and over:

Falling Down
Lord of the Rings Trilogy (any of them will do)
Bram Stoker's Dracula
National Lampoon's Vacation Series

Four places I've lived:

New Jersey
Fort Benning/Columbus, GA
Fort Ord/Monterey, CA
Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista, AZ
Fort Hood/Killeen/Copperas Cove, TX

Four TV shows I love to watch:

The Sopranos
Nip Tuck

Four websites I visit daily (besides Rich's):

Dagney's Rant

Four of my favorite foods:

Smoked, Texas Brisket (dining out...The Saltlick in Driftwood, TX has the best. Visit me...mine's better.)
Veal Scallopini...but haven't had the best since my grandmother passed away. I miss you Grandma!
Some new dish MajorMom's started fixing with pasta and alfredo sauce! It's good.
Ham and Swiss Cheese sandwiches

Four places I'd rather be:

At a secluded mountain retreat that has all the trappings of home (cable, electricity, water, sewer, etc) but no idiots to deal with.
Accepting speaking engagement after speaking engagement from groups that want to hear what I have to say. (Hint, Bill Cosby and I are on the same page when it comes to responsibility.)
Sitting at my desk, working as a freelance writer...rather than doing what I do. (Just getting burned out...that's all)
On vacation with the family at a Disney park...

Four albums I can't live without: (This one's hard!)

Anything Brooks and Dunn
Anything Meatloaf
Anything Grateful Dead
Gary Allen - Alright Guy
Sorry for taking so long, I've been busy the last week. I'll try to fill it out and think of people to pass it along to within the next couple of days...
Four jobs I've held in my life:

Boy Entrepreneur in lawn mowing
Grocery store sacker
Navigator/weapon system office, F-4E fighters, USAF
Sofware configuration manager

Four movies I could watch over and over:

Starship Troopers
Godfather, Part 1
The Man Who Would Be King

(as an aside, just saw "Grizzly Man," displaying goo goo animal rights gone amok. It borders on parody sometimes. I recommend it)

Four places I've lived:

Des Moines, IA
Angeles City, the Philippines
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Washington, DC

Four TV shows I love to watch:

History's Lost & Found, History Channel
Frontline on Discovery Times
Tom Friedman documentaries on DTimes
Anything on the History Channel, just turn it on and leave it on and see what bubbles to the surface

Four websites I visit daily:

Michelle Malkin
The Indepundit

Four of my favorite foods:

Jambalaya from Pappadeaux
Seafood enchiladas from Pappacita's
Grilled gator from Razoo's
Southwest Chicken Casserole from Black-Eyed Pea
Triscuits & Cheez Whiz, Jalapeno Style

Four places I'd rather be:

Sipping an iced tea at La Madeleine's in the bend of Northpark mall in north Dallas, watching the endless stream of Texas beauties come around the corner.

Boarding a jet at Reagan Airport to anywhere.

Walking to a fighter jet first thing in the morning with helmet bag in hand as the sun is halfway through the horizon, with the smell of oil and burned jet fuel off the tarmac.

Sunk in my big chair in a home in Valley Ranch, northwest of Dallas, where the homes cost one third of those in my present neighborhood in the DC suburbs.

Juliette Huddy. Nuff said.

Four albums I can't live without:

Whatever albums these songs came on:
Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida, Iron Butterfly?
Mother-In-Law, Yoko Ono
Monster, from back around 1969
All rap songs

Four people I can't stand:

Al Sharpton
Bin Laden & Zawahiri & Zarqawi (they don't add up to a whole human being)
Ted Kennedy
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