Thursday, November 24, 2005

Liveblogging -- my Thanksgiving blogosphere "cease-fire"

Welcome to all ... particularly you who came here through Mudville!

I have decided that today, I will execute a pause in my rhetorical battles.

I will use this day, as time allows, to reflect upon and illustrate the abundant, amazing grace of God that has been (classically, small-"l") liberally applied to my life and this nation.

This post will be updated throughout the day, as time and thoughts (and endorphin levels)enable me to post coherently. Do feel free to add your own thoughts, in the comments section!

All times are in EST.

0715: Just dropped a comment over at my friend Daniel's. It was my last shot before the cease-fire -- but not at Daniel.

Daniel's presence in the blogosphere is something to be thankful for ... thoughtful, considered opinions from someone who has lived in terror's bullseye, always delivered with an appropriate level of respect. He is no knee-jerk, in any sense of the word ... and a regular stop in my blogospheric rounds.

Time to make the turkey, now ...

0905: Pumpkin pies out of oven -- and stuffed turkey breast in. Removal ETA 1135-1205.

One of the great inventions of our time ... right up there with sticky notes, white-out, and hook-loop fasteners ... the turkey bag. Just load per instructions, and go ... no guesswork, no basting, no undercooked turkey!

As for the pies, they turned out OK ... despite having to remove the filling from the shells, right after I put them in the oven, because I forgot to add the evaporated milk! (Hey, if I was perfect, they couldn't afford to pay me for my day job!)

Now, the observant reader might ask ... why are you doing all the cooking, Rich? Why does your wife trust you ... on Thanksgiving, of all days?

Why ...

> There are only the two of us here today (Long Island is a little far from our kids and extended family in IL and MO -- and with the house sale {see below} and a grandbaby due to arrive around New Years', we have to keep a tight travel budget) ... therefore, she is sure my cooking will not make anyone else sick.

> On a more serious note -- my wife suffers from a number of chronic ailments, including arthritis. Add to that the stress (and culture shock) of our move to New York, and you can discern that she needs her rest.

Even in that regard, we still have several things we can be thankful for ...

> Our second grandchild, and the potential she represents.

> Our first grandchild, who is growing in stature and knowledge every day. More of a conversationalist every day, as well ... but my favorite word of hers is "Pawpaw" ...

> Our grand-doggies, Mikey (the hyperterrier) and Buddy (the canine Mr. Spock ... he tilts his head with a quizzical look from time to time, just like the Leonard Nimoy character).

> Our children and their spouses ... who are not sponging off of us at home, but are instead making their own lives (and learning about the pitfals of self-employment and home-building).

> My "new" job -- while I really appreciated the work environment and opportunities of my previous employer, I think that I have much more control over the security of my employment in my present position -- and it also gives me many opportunities to revive unused elements, as well as add new elements, to the "toolbox" of my skil set. Financially speaking, the new position will also allow us to enhance the soundness of our finances and retirement plans.

> On 2 December 2005, the sale of our home in TX "should" close ... removing a big financial weight off our backs and allowing us to proceed with the enhancements described immediately above.

I remind myself, from time to time, that I could be emulating the biblical Job ... and despite his losses and afflictions, he could declare that the name of the Lord was blessed.

The fact that I am not emulating him is a function of God's grace ... for despite the evil in the world around me, and the errors I have made, I still live free, and can still concentrate on the pursuit of happiness instead of being constantly focused from moment to moment on financial ... or physical ... survival.

Grace, courtesy of God -- in large part delivered through the efforts and sacrifice of men and women like these.

Be sure and check that link out ... and heed the advice of the Greyhawks.:

Today is a day for something different. If you have a moment you might want to leave a "thank you" in the comments section of these blogs - let these guys read you for a change:

I am.

More later ....

1002: SMASH points us to advice from Hugh Hewitt, regarding another kind of "cease-fire".

Don't have to worry about that kind of up-close-and-personal contact this year ... though finding a Leftist in my family requires a major reunion, just to gather the one or two within it.

1206: Turkey out, baked sides in, potatoes are boiling on the stove. Consumption ETA : 1300.

My parents called me earilier, from their home in MO. I could discern a bit of disappointment in my father's voice when I told him we weren't sure when we would be back ... we're planning be in the area either for Christmas, or shortly after -- after the new grandbaby arrives. But I am my father's son ... neither of us let our emotions override reason. He's even talking about coming up here ... which is a MAJOR change in attitude, given his objections to airport searches.

My wife has been awake for a little while now ... we've been watching my childhood favorite, the Macy's parade. Maybe next year, the weather will allow us to make a "live appearance".

Stuff to do .... more later.

1425: Consumption complete ... endorphins are kickin' in.

First time I had to wear glasses when carving the turkey ... as if that helped -- I made a mess of the stove when I punched through the turkey bag and holed the foil pan, freeing turkey juices to run over/d0wn/in the stove. (See earlier statement about perfection).

However, everything was edible.

I'll wait a little bit for the endorphins to kick off, before I attempt to write anything deeper than "mmmmmm .... turkey".

I see that MajorDad stopped by ... MajorDad, I add my good wishes to yours -- may you and your family have a joyous Thanksgiving (hope there's some Texas barbecue involved), and thanks again for YOUR service to cake-eaters like me!

I also see that Greyhawk took the poll results I posted in a couple of Mudville's comment threads, put them on the front page for all to see ... and gave his two cents regarding their meaning. It would be tempting to run over there and "reninforce his position" .. but a violation of my rhetorical cease-fire would actually be counterproductive to the achievement of that objective. So, I'll keep my weapons clean and my ammo dry ... for tomorrow!

Later .... buzzzzz.....

25 Nov 2005, 0900: Looks like the buzz was stronger than I thought ... just kidding.

Actually, my wife and I got very busy, taking care of various little things. Today ... not much shopping, but health and house-sale stuff for us.

Be sure to stop by and thank some of these people who protect cake-eaters like me.

Thus endeth the live-blogging ... and the cease-fire.

The boulder awaits ...

Let's roll.


May you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving...and good luck on the cease fire resolution! Just remember, "They started it first" is sometimes a justified excuse!

See you on the high ground!

MajorDad and all the MajorFolks here in Texas
Many thanks, as always, for the kind words! And congratulations on triumphing over turkey tribulations. (I can't believe I just wrote that.)

My regards to Mrs. Casebolt, and I do hope she feels better.

Good luck with the house closure -- I had to deal with one of those last year, and it got nerve-wracking before it ended. But it did end... and all's well that end's well, as Gromit's companion Wallace likes to say.

all the best,
hey rich.. glad to hear that new york's bein' good to ya'll. i bet you're really excited about that new grandbaby!!!! it'll be cool if she's born on New Year's Day... my birthday!!! hehe... i hope ya'll are doin' well up there... we're all doin' ok as well... miss ya'll!!!! steph
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