Saturday, November 19, 2005

Leftist SCUDs incoming ... Launch Patriots!

I've been hanging around Mudville a lot lately, doing my part to "alleviate" an "irritation" in the Greyhawks' comment threads ... and now I see that Greyhawk has rolled the boulder to new heights.

You NEED to read A Brief History of a Long War (Iraq, 1990-2003) -- and then bookmark it for future reference ... Greyhawk states that this is a work in progress, so as good as this is already -- it's going to get better!

However, Greyhawk, I can see the incoming SCUDs* on my radar already -- how you left out that we were "in bed" with Iraq, that we "created" Saddam (like we "created" Osama in Afghanistan).

When they get closer ... shoot them down! Remind the SCUDs ...

... that when it comes to relationships with Iraq, ours was a mere conversation over coffee, compared to the whore's bed Iraq shared with France and Russia ... who did their best to keep Saddam in power (and in the case of France, one could truly say "no war -- for oil", given the huge oil contracts Saddam had with the French oil company ELF).

... WHY we played footsy with Saddam and other dictators in the pursuit of proxy warfare ... because of the strident Leftist opposition to ANY decisive use of American military force that didn't have, as a prerequsite, thousands of dead American bodies in American streets. This foolish, yet compassionate-sounding, knee-jerk opposition politically poisoned the well of prudent governance ... and directly led to our enemies' decision to perpetrate September 11, as well as stiffen their spines (from Saddam's time, to today) in Iraq.

The SCUDs dare to say the President "misled" us on Iraq, just because the stockpiles (not the WMD programs, not the talent to make them happen, not the dual-use percusors, not the ties to terror and even AQ itself) were missing.

Yet, it is they who led us down the garden path of peace through universal impotence ... for decades ... when in fact the cause of peace has been advanced in those same years, only when we ignored the Leftists and let the "cowboys" like Reagan and our present President ride freely.

Who's been lying, now?

Filth-encrusted, rusty, cast-iron pot ... meet the shiny stainless-steel kettle in the White House.

*SCUDs -- Stupidly Clueless Unamerican Dissenters.

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