Saturday, November 12, 2005

Casebolt's Question ...

This post over at Instapundit reminded me of what I call Casebolt's Question ... a question I have often raised in government-policy discussions, but have yet to see answered by those who believe that corporations dominate us all:

If corporations are so powerful, how did an Arkansas redneck like Sam Walton ...

(... or a college kid like Michael Dell ...)

(... or a college dropout like Bill Gates ...)

(... or some lawyer named Herb Kelleher ...)

... come out of nowhere and steal their customers so effectively?

As Glenn would say ... heh.

Anyone want to take a crack at it?

Great, so you have four examples out the morass of BP's, Shells, ExxonMobils, ArcherDanielsMidlands, Duponts, Lockheed Martins, Boeings, BAE Systems, Pfizers, Mercks, GlaxoSmithKlines, and Halliburtons. Good for you. More of the typical conservative head-in-the-sand mentality. And yet you call us utopian.
Steve ... you're missing the point here.

The mere fact that Walton et. al. were able to build highly-successful businesses, in the face of well-established competition, is prima facie evidence that corporate America is not the invincible oppressor you Leftists make them out to be.

Especially when you consider what is the common threat among all these "new guys" -- they grew beyond their competition, because they were better at giving the customer what they wanted! It is the consumer, not the corporation, that has the final say in this economy.

Just like the Japanese autommakers did, in the face of GM/Ford/Chrysler -- as "invincible" a corporate trio as you can get.

I guess I could add to the list, Teva and other generic-drug makers. If Big Pharm was invincible, THEY WOULDN'T EXIST.

If your myths of corporate oppression were true ...

... Sam Walton would have been a greeter at Sears ...

... Michael Dell, and Bill Gates, would be buttoned-down IBM salesmen ...

... and Herb K. would have been a gate agent for American Airlines at DFW.

BTW, the threat of Big Business is nothing compared to that of a Big Government who can confiscate your hard-earned money by the force of law, and waste it (as in $3 Trillion on the quagmire of the War on Poverty) while ignoring matters it should be dealing with (such as the need to decisively confront those in the world who perpetrate evil on a mass scale).

In fact, the most dangerous combination is that of corporate and government power ... something that Leftist policy inadvertently encourages by demanding a high level of government involvement in every-day issues -- including issues the government is structurally incapable of dealing with effectively or efficiently.

That, is the real problem -- and your Utopian dreams exacerbate it.
While some of these businesses I don't recognize, the rest of these:
"...BP's, Shells, ExxonMobils, ArcherDanielsMidlands, Duponts, Lockheed Martins, Boeings, BAE Systems, Pfizers, Mercks, GlaxoSmithKlines, and Halliburtons..."
give me products I need at prices that are not too bad. We think the price of gas is high in the USA, but compared to Europe, it's not bad--even when it was almost $4 a gallon. The meds I am able to get at reasonable prices from the medical insurance thru work, for which I pay $57 a month. Not bad at all. I love America and our capitalist way of life!
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