Sunday, October 23, 2005

Put another blog on the fire ...

Three new entries on the blogroll today:

Don Surber was kind enough to blogroll me ... and we concur regarding the Harriet Miers nomination, though his reasons are different than mine (my support is based on more than trusting my President; it is also based on strategic/tatical considerations for this important political battle).

Jeremiah Stoddard was another kind soul ... and he reports on some planned "celebrations" that are downright DISGUSTING!

The final "entry", though, corrects an oversight that dates from the very start of this blog.

This blogger was already a household word in the blogosphere when I put down my first post here. Like me, he is not a professional journalist/writer (though he has published his writings) ... and shares my passion for flight (and has done more to feed it than I have).

He has a clear appreciation for just how good he -- and the rest of us -- have it here in this great nation ... and how vulnerable we are to the disruption of what makes it good, if we are not watching out for that nation.

Like I seek to be, he is already a voice for the intelligent common man ... deep thought based on common sense expressed in understandable explanation in common language. He implicitly understands those three rules in Murphy's Laws of Combat -- the important things are always simple ... the simple things are always hard ... the easy way is always mined.

While I am cognizant of his shortcomings, and always remember that he can err ... I consider him a role model when it comes to blogging. The highest blogospheric complement I could ever be paid, is for my writings to be considered the Readers' Digest version of what he has written.

Welcome, Bill Whittle, to the blogroll of The Alleged Mental Case.

The vast majority of people who voted for Bush supported Miers. Yet a vocal conservative minority shouted over them to demand Miers withdraw.

The sad fallout from that mess is only beginning:

*In the Miers debacle Republicans have turned the old rallying cry: "Give them an up or down vote"upside down.

*Republicans in the Senate have overturned the principle of protecting Executive Branch documents.

*After witnessing this latest episode can we know expect our GOP Senators to grow a spine and defend an even more controversial nominee?

*Chris Matthews summed it up this way: "Bush is lame duck with broken
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