Monday, July 25, 2005

A not-so-stranger in a strange land ...

... after three days of Interstate (interspersed with two-lane detours), seasoned with the consumption of mass quantites of diet soda and junk food.

... lunch with my parents in MO, a visit with my son in IL, and dinner at my cousin's house in OH

... a tiring search for a hotel room from OH through WV to PA, in the wee hours of the morning

... a three-and-a-half hour crawl over the 50 or so miles from Newark, across the Verazzano Narrows bridge, through Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach, past JFK to my final destination


One thing I expected ... many people noticed that I'm not from around here.

One thing you wouldn't expect -- Long Islanders are friendly folks, disguised by a New Yahrk accent.

So far, so good. First day on the new job went OK.

Only thing is, the new employer is a little stricter about "personal" use of Internet access (i.e. blogging on the company connection). So, until I get an apartment and Internet connection, me and Panera Bread (with their free WiFi) are going to be good friends.

More later ... starting with the recent actions of the British regarding the treatment of terrorist suspects during apprehension. You know what I am referring to ... or you would be so unaware, you wouldn't be reading this.

Hey Rich, have fun in LI. I hope they remain as nice as you say they are.
Question. What is your take on CAFTA, (for my own perrsonal interest)? God bless
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