Friday, July 08, 2005

Big changes ahead ...

... yesterday, I gave my two-weeks notice to my employer here in Dallas.

I have accepted a new engineering position with a major manufacturer of portable-power products for the US military and other "harsh environment" applications.

This company has been one of "my" customers for years, and is probably the best customer I had the pleasure of working with in my soon-to-be-previous position. They are both technically sharp (whenever they called me, it was never a stupid question, but a real issue), and very professional in their interaction with suppliers ... never belligerent, but pleasently matter-of-fact. This attitude is reflected across the whole company, from what I see ... and is similar to the operating climate in my present position.

They are bursting at the seams with new orders and new projects to be designed ... and with my experience, I will be able to make a positve impact there, almost immediately. Instead of playing a support role to the marketing and product-design teams as I do at present, I will be part of the "core competency" of this new company, where I design the actual products the company sells. It also helps that "they made me an offer I can't refuse" ... in a positive sense.

Now for the culture shock ... my new position is located on Long Island about 35 miles or so out of NYC.

Even though I'm the progeny of a Kentucky hillbilly and an Ozarks hillbilly, and made Texan by environment, I can live with that ... not only is it a little less crowded than the Dallas metroplex (the real-estate term "zero lot line" is not known on Long Island, from what I see), there are REAL, TALL trees instead of mesquite ... and salt water is fifteen minutes north OR south.

There are downsides, of course ... from selling the house here (in a flat real-estate market, to boot), to leaving my colleagues here. A particular downside is ending my leadership of da Band (earlier readers will know who I'm referring to) and leaving my friends at Lakeway church. However, I do believe that God has a hand in this ... whenever He aggregates a large amount of "talent" in one place (as has happened at Lakeway), he usually follows that with a "scattering" of that talent, to places where He can use it for maximum effect.

So, Senators Clinton and Schumer, you had better look out ... me, and this blog, are about to become one of your constituents, so you could say that the Thunderbolt's about to roll on Long Island!

Whew!! "There goes the neighborhood", indeed...

Well, Rich, welcome to the East Coast! You seem to think it'll compare favorably (or at least not unfavorably) to Texas; I hope we don't disappoint you.

I'm not in Lon Guyland all that often, although I do have relatives in NYC. But one of these days, I'll swing by your way... and the first beer's on me. That's a promise.

good luck,
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