Friday, June 17, 2005

Where the heck have I been lately?

My parents were here three weeks ago ... and my in-laws were in town over the last two weeks in the motorhome ... need I say more?

Well, I did say more ... here ... and here ... and here ... and here, producing comment fodder.

You need to go here ... Daniel has really outdone himself, and as a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force, seasoned by the tragedies there, he has the credibility to make this case.

You even need to go here ... for once, my debate adversary Chris has something to say that I can agree with (at least in part)!

Finally, go here ... after the shameful display of his opponent yesterday, Rusten Currie needs our support to part-the-Waters, more than ever before! Is his opponent's action one shot in a new, media-only Tet Offensive?

More later ... hopefully!

Many thanks for the support, Rich! I really do appreciate it very much.

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