Saturday, June 18, 2005

When will this war end?

A common question these days ... some very misguided people even want to pre-define the end of our involvement in it, as if this war will dry up and blow away if we would just pull out.

What I say below was (as usual lately) a comment on a post at SMASH's:

Accept the fact that there will be no surrender ceremony on a battleship in the Persian Gulf to mark the end of this war ... in fact, it may not end even upon the eradication of Islamofascism.

It will end when the resolute rejection of terrorism -- by both action and word -- is so universal among the nations of the world, there will be neither a safe haven for the terrorist, nor a return on his lethal "investment" in terms of forcing political change that is sufficient to justify his effort and risk.

Until then, others will be tempted to emulate Al Quada ... inside and outside Islam. And, we are only at "the end of the beginning" ... for too many nations still give a wink and a nod to any group of thugs who might drag America, Israel, or anybody else in the "developed" world down to the level of these dysfunctional nations. Their lack of moral and logical vision is one reason, BTW, that the UN is rendered incapable of enforcing its own resolutions.

There is only one way to win ... it is summarized in the old pseudo-Latin phrase "Illegitimi Non Carborundum" ... don't let the b******s grind you down.

The essential aspect of winning this war is RESOLVE. It's that simple, IMO ... and as these two principles in Murphy's Laws of Combat state:

... "the important things are always simple"
... "the simple things are always hard"

Those who want to set a timetable for our withdrawal from Iraq need to be reminded of the very next law in Murphy's list ...

... "the easy way is always mined."

Great post, Rich!

"the easy way is always mined"

How true that statement is!

Best Wishes and God Bless,
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