Thursday, May 12, 2005

Miss me?

OK, probably not ... but let me explain where we've been lately:

> Things have been rather busy at work, including a business trip to Reno to make a presentation to a group of engineers on battery/charger technology. This was the first time I've ever visited Nevada ... and it was truly culture shock for me to see slot machines as soon as you exit the jetway.

> da Band is keeping me quite busy, too.

This Sunday is "Lakeway on the Lawn" -- an outdoor church service, followed by mass quantities of Texas BBQ from our "Hungry Souls" barbecue team ... then followed by three bands, including a 45-minute set from da Band.

Compounding the usual load (of managing da Band and making sure sound details are taken care of), is the need for me to play guitar with da Band ... our lead guitarist, Bluesman, is working concessions at the Byron Nelson golf tournament this weekend, and he may not be available to play with da Band. Anyone who has been a player-coach knows what I'm going through here -- I'm playing catch-up on the guitar work even as I continue to manage the band, which can at times be comparable to herding turtles.

Any of y'all in the DFW metroplex, feel free to stop in -- use this for directions, or just e-mail me if they don't work for you. The worship service starts at 11:00 -- we'll start dish'n out the BBQ a little after 12 Noon.

> My parents were coming in last week -- until Mom got sick. They're coming this week, so the Mrs. and I have work to do to support that.

> Also, I have not been absent from the blogosphere ... lately I've been stuck in "reactive mode", leaving comments over at SMASH's (and an occasional one at Greyhawk's, Froggy's, and The Fourth Rail) instead of posting original material here. If I get a chance in the next few days, I'll post some of the better ones here. In particular, check the the threads at SMASH's on North Korea.

The grindstone's now back up to speed ... must engage nose ...

I missed you Rich. I was wondering what happened to you.
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