Friday, April 08, 2005

No-rons on the march ...

... or is that a comic waddle?

The No-rons (big- and small-n) are out to get John Bolton ... and prevent his appointment as UN ambassador. (Another hat tip to Mrs. Greyhawk.).

You know, their opposition would be a little more credible if their ideology had actually produced good results when implemented ...

But wait ... there's more.

Senators Bill Nelson and Barbara Boxer (one of the big-N No-rons) are placing a hold on the confirmation process for Stephen Johnson as EPA Administrator.

The reason -- Johnson has not agreed to cancel a controversial program that measures the effects of pesticide usage on children.

Nelson's ... and especially Boxer's ... rhetoric is a textbook example of Leftist hyperbole ...

Boxer and Nelson said the EPA's Children's Environmental Exposure Research Study offers to pay parents of a baby nearly $1,000 if they agree to expose their child to household pesticides over a two-year period. (emphasis added).

"If EPA can get away with testing babies, infants, then they can get away with anything when it comes to human testing of toxics," said Boxer ...

Contrast this with this quote from the EPA's own fact sheet for this study:

EPA is committed to assuring that these products are used in ways that are both effective and safe. EPA will not ask parents to apply pesticides in their home to be a part of this study. This study does not encourage or promote the use of pesticides, but only collects data that will be used to better understand past and routine exposures around the home. This study includes both households that do not use pesticides and households where pesticides are commonly used to control bugs in the home. Once a family has been selected, routine, non-invasive monitoring will be used to determine whether and how children in the family may be exposed. (again, emphasis added)
Compare the two views above ... and you'll see my point. These no-rons are "finding evil" where none exists, simply to make themselves more important in this debate than they are as no-rons.

Take a cue from your Leftist supporters, and Move On, you no-rons.

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