Friday, April 01, 2005

A hot news ... and blogosphere ... day!

... Greyhawk has "seen the light", and is taking his blog in a whole new direction!

... uncovers an example of the incompetence of the Bush Administration ... and another example of government incompetence on the part of our military-procurement authorities, as well. They're chock-full of articles today ... so many, they have designated today's news collection as a special edition. Read 'em all!

... and now, according to DrugWarRant, Bush too has seen the light (up) ... (hat tip to Radley). This policy change, when applied to his flight crew, may have inadvertently led to the incompetent act described by Aero-News above.

... and of course, you need to repeatedly check this source, on a hot news day like this.

Stay informed!

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