Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Harry Reid: right -- and wrong

In the Washington Times, The Senate Minority Leader says that debate on an important supplemental spending bill (involving funding for our work in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as tsunami releif) will be bogged down unless a controversial amendment (the "Real ID" Act, which is intended to curb the use of drivers' licenses by illegal aliens, and places restrictions on asylum claims) is removed.

(Hat tip again to Mrs. Greyhawk's Dawn Patrol.)

For once, he's right ... one of my big beefs with the way our Congress does business is how it persists in using "back doors" to avoid real debate and get things done ... like hanging totally-unrelated amendments onto spending bills, knowing that those will be quickly pushed through the system.

(BTW -- many of us are right now dealing with another back door ... Congress' favorite back door for social change ... the tax code. That's a big part of the complication of our tax system.)

I agree with Senator Reid, that the immigration debate does not need to be part of this bill.

However, that's where the agreement ends ... for while I agree with Senator Reid on the procedural aspects of this debate, I cannot agree with the position of his party -- and for that matter, many Republicans -- on the issue of immigration.

Their focus is all wrong -- instead of working to make sure that our borders are secure and our immigration laws enforced (which are two separate things, that can be dealt with separately), they are focused on accommodating the illegals already here. Read the whole Times article for examples of this ... from BOTH parties.

In the meantime, Congress is TOTALLY leaving the borders to an overtaxed Border Patrol ... as those who would legally volunteer to assist them are not praised or encouraged, but instead denigrated as "vigilantes". And, in their efforts to be accommodating, they are ignoring the good reasons for our present (and practically unenforced) immigration laws.

As I said here, their motives for taking the approach of accommodation are rooted in Leftist ideology and the politics of "the race card" ... as opposed to common sense.

You really want to be right, Senator Reid -- stand up and tell the GOP to get off the dime and have a REAL immigration debate ... and tell those in your own party who think that we "owe" the world open borders to get real.

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