Wednesday, March 16, 2005

When are they going to "get it"?

Italy annouonces that it will start pulling troops out of Iraq.

"About time, better late than never," said opposition leader Romano Prodi, a former premier and former EU commission president who is expected to be Berlusconi's opponent in political elections next year. "It's the logical consequence of a wrong decision," Prodi was quoted as saying in daily La Repubblica on Wednesday. "This long-awaited news confirms our stance."

Mr. Prodi, you are seriously mistaken ... the only thing this confirms is that a very brave Prime Minister is facing an election, in a nation where people like you have misled the rest of its people. You will now proceed to use this "confirmation" (just like the Dems here used Bush Sr's tax increase in 1992) as a club to beat this brave man down with.

You want "confirmation"? YOU CAN"T HANDLE "CONFIRMATION"!

What do those millions of purple fingers in Iraq confirm?

What do those weapons hauled out of Libya confirm?

What do the pro-democracy forces in Tehran confirm?

What do the stirrings of democratic in reform, from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, confirm?

What do the anti-Syria protests in Beirut confirm?

They confirm that Bush was right ... and you are wrong.

Stop the idiocy ... we tried it your way for 50 years, and we got no improvement. The thugs increased, in power and numbers.

It is what you OPPOSE that is now solving the problems for us.

As SMASH would ask: anti-war, or just on the other side?

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