Monday, March 28, 2005

The swirl around Terri Schiavo ...

... kept on going, and going, even as I viewed the opposite extreme of life this weekend -- a wonderful visit with my daughter, son-in-law, and (insert drum roll and trumpets here) 2-1/2-year old granddaughter.

To me, Terri Schiavo is caught in a downward slide, where justice has been repeatedly denied in the name of the law ... through a sequence of actions that leave reasonable people viewing the "husband" (in quotes, because the conflict of interest of having a common-law wife with two kids effectively disqualifies him from acting in that capacity with respect to Terri, IMO) with more justified suspicion than anything that, say, Halliburton has ever done.

Even death-row inmates in Texas have more protection from what has happened to Terri than she has ... which was especially evident when the courts refused, in the face of LEGITIMATE action by the legislative branch to protect her most fundamental rights, to review the case de novo (i.e. as a new case, instead of focusing only on previous actions).

And, as usual, the battle lines have been drawn ...

On the right, you have the full spectrum, from the reasoned to the fanatic, getting in on the action. Froggy has a lot to say about both views ... in particular, this post got me thinking about the impediments to progress that the fanatics are unintentionally erecting ... and this post illustrates just the latest incidence of suspicious behavior on the part of the "husband", as is seen by the reasonable among us.

Both of the Greyhawks have been actively covering this situation, as well ... and the "man of the house" ties this in to his views on Redemption -- parts One, Two, and Three.

I find part Three above particularly interesting -- it gives us an insight into a particular thought process that is driving the Left to stand for the "right" of this "husband" to determine Terri's fate ... their fear of Christian fanaticism, which is quite unfounded in Greyhawk's eyes ... and mine as well, as this blast from the past shows.

In any other case involving actions that will lead to death ... from dogs to Death Row ... you find the Left standing up to preserve life, humanity and justice be damned. Why is it that they aren't standing up for Terri?

I'll tell you one possible reason why -- it's because they continually have to prove to their peers that they are "free-thinking" and "open-minded" -- and in order to prove that, it appears that they are
"required" to ALWAYS be on the opposite side of traditional moral values.

How ironic ... to require the denial of one world view, to prove that you can think freely ... and to aspire to having a mind so open, the common sense in your brain leaks out.

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