Monday, March 21, 2005

One of the big lies ...

From this story by NBC 7/39 San Diego (h/t SMASH) ... a sign at an anti-war protest:


No, it isn't.

Not when the dissent is based upon falsehood and/or flawed logic.

That is what those who hold this sign ... and the many others (fortunately, fewer and fewer) who show up at events like this , including some in leadership positions in our nation ... refuse to acknowledge.

Such as these equate the mere possession of power and wealth as an indication of evil intent (unless control of such power and wealth is surrendered to their "wisdom").

Such as these believe that, if we only eradicate the things we can use for conflict, then act nicely towards our enemies, that the conflict itself will be eradicated ... in the process, ignoring the fact that some in this world are so fundamentally evil, they will see such overtures as a sign of weakness to be exploited, and will turn our own good faith against us.

Such as these forget that the same Creator who instructed us to "turn the other cheek" gave us a limited set of four cheeks (two above the waist, two below) ... and when all have been turned (or when the next slap starts looking like a fist to the temple, instead), it may be wise to change our tactics if we are serious about protecting life and liberty.

Such as these are more concerned that their intellectual peers will look down on them as "jingoistic" and "ignorant" because their nation seeks to protect life and liberty of their neighbors, than they are about that life and liberty ... they fail to realize that ignoring such threats to others make the eventual threat to ourselves significantly greater, and more costly to deal with.

Such as these demand total perfection (in their eyes) from our leadership ... or deliver total condemnation of it. They forget that often "the best is the enemy of the good" -- and that inaction is, in many cases, far worse than any mistake that results from acting.

Such as these are more concerned that some American CEO might shred some paper ... than they are that thugs like Saddam & Sons shred people.

For over five decades, we let such as these turn their ideas into public policy -- and in areas from social welfare, to foreign relations, to our very defense, their ideas have come up short.

NOTICE: as an American, you have the right to say even the most idiotic things -- but understand the following:

1> Words do mean things ... not only do your ideas, if implemented, have consequences -- but even the expression of your ideas can have profound consequences in the conduct of public policy, by influencing others to both doubt their own position and adopt yours. Speak wisely.

2> The rest of us have not only the right, but the responsibility to publically declare your viewpoint idiotic, if the facts support that conclusion. You may be protected from government sanction, but not from public disdain.

One example of such fact-finding is illustrated here. (Thanks to Mudville!)

(edited 2223/21 Mar 2005 for clarity -- edited 1723/25 Nov 2005 to replace hotlinked picture with text of sign)

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