Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just some new stuff ...

Take a look at the bottom of each post, and you'll see something new ... a Trackback link. I have installed Haloscan's trackback service, for that rare day when someone actually thinks what I write is worth quoting. I am also now making sure to ping other blogs that I quote, as well ... and will be regularly pinging the daily open post the Greyhawks so graciously provide over at Mudville.

I have also added several fairly-recent posts to The Nuts & Bolts Index ... my list of posts that particularly illustrate "the nuts and bolts" -- the fundamental ideas -- that are behind what I write here. Be sure to check the list out ... especially if this blog is new to you.

Finally, for your entertainment ... in the comments thread of this post at SMASH's, regular commenter KCSteve left a real gem:

Off in another forum one of the members there is a leading member of the Orlando PW chapter. He posted a thread about their counter demonstration and I remarked that, once again, both the women and signs were much better looking on the 'Right' side of the street.

He posted this in response:

Some idiot actually responded "No fair, you all have better signs because you have jobs!"

Yes us evil white males taking all the jobs from uneducated HS dropouts. I should just kill myself.

As KCSteve concluded, "You really can't write stuff this good!"

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