Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Is that wisdom ... or just knowledge?

I've often noticed that there is a BIG difference between having knowledge, and having that ability to simultaneously apply that mix of knowledge, reason, compassion, and resolve we call wisdom.

Unfortunately, there are too many people in our society who do not see a difference, and end up revering those who are smart but unwise, while denigrating those who appear "simple", but are actually profound ...

... like this guy. This link illustrates plainly that he really "gets it" when it comes to preserving the peace -- in stark contrast to the "enlightened ones" who told us that war is never the answer, and equated "stability" with "peace". What they gave us instead was the peace of the graveyard ... many, mass graveyards ... while in the process driving up the cost and length of the inevitible conflicts with those who refuse to respect your and my rights. (Hat tip to SMASH)

... and this guy, who goes out of his way to tell his story, even to those who, out of mere passivity, just don't "get it". He's just been added to my blogroll, BTW. (Hat tip to Greyhawk)

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