Friday, February 25, 2005

Ready to get PO'd?

View this.

An antiwar protest, masquerading as an event to honor our troops (why does Dallas seem to attract these deceptions?).

They are even calling for our government to face international "justice", for "crimes against humanity". Where were their calls for "justice" when Saddam was gassing his own people ... then invaded Kuwait? When Hamas used human hand grenades to kill Israeli civilians? When Syria occupied Lebanon all these years?

Oh, that's right -- these people weren't responsible, because their nations have not been as prosperous as America -- and therefore haven't been as "greedy" and "evil". Once again, pocket depth has been presented as a primary determinant of moral accountability, and the willingness to posess and use decisive force has been equated with evil intent.

It appears that an organization that I once had grudging respect for has gone over the edge to all-out moonbat mode. For a bunch of people that claim to know the mind of God, their moral equivalence is a stench that reaches to Heaven itself, IMO.

(edited 1223/25 Feb 2005 to improve clarity)

Funny that you mention the attack by Saddam on his own people.

There were plenty of call for justice at the time, but they stood in the way of our relationship with the Iraqi ruler.

The US senate unanimously supported sanctions against Iraq as a result of these attacks, and that the Administration killed the bill because 'The US-Iraqi relationship was important for future economic development'.

So many do-gooders would like to think that all you have to do is make a "call" for something important to make it happen... sorry. Only action was going to stop Saddam.. no outcry or plea to him was going to do anyting... you can't rationalize with someone who is irrational.

Josh, our relationship with Iraq is important to our and their future... this IS a world community right? Isn't that what we are supposed to believe?

Something else I don't udnerstand is why nations like Syria, Libya, and Cuba can be on the Human Rights Commission at the UN... but the US is getting stampeded about a few idiot soldiers?! what the hell is that all about?! aargh!
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