Monday, February 14, 2005

My "dream" ...

... a recurring theme in my cybersquatting over the last few years, growing from the ashes of my version of Don Quixote. It still remains relevant, in this environment of Howard "Scream" becoming the DNC chairman, and the actions of his fellow No-rons so far this year (the latest being a Levinist attempt to twist the confirmation hearings for the new Homeland Security nominee -- a man who has bipartisan support -- into another microscopic examination of the Administration's policies in other areas from the extremely idealistic "September 10" viewpoint.)

The latest description of my "dream" was posted in the comments section of this post, over at the Mudville Gazette. I've reprinted it below, for your consideration and comments.


Here's another way to look at this:

What we have now is the political equivalent of the Cold War -- two superpower parties, full of political professionals intent on advancing their own carrers, more concerned with staying in power than in advancing the best interests of this nation.

As a result, we get multiple, independently-targeted variants of Mutually Assured Dumbness launched at us by our own government -- from pork-barrels to wide-open-borders -- and no one appears to be able to stop it.

Other voices, not beholden to an institutionalized party like the GOP or Democratic Party, could put a stop to this, but they are effectively shut out of the legislative process ... in large part because each party uses the threat of empowering "the only other viable alternative to us" to keep voters in their camp, and away from other, uncorrupted alternatives.

These two institutions --- the GOP and Democratic Party -- are like two trees that have fallen together in the forest. Each is supported only by the other pushing against it ... while both end up blocking the sunlight out below them.

How do we end the Mutually Assured Dumbness? By reducing the institutions that perpetrate it to insignificance. However, history has shown that taking both down simultaneously is virtually impossible. One, then the other, must fall.

The minority of No-rons who have hijacked the apparatus of the Democratic party are presenting us with an opportunity to take just such a course of action.

Let them take that party to self-destruction ... for when that happens, the GOP loses its ability to continue with "politics as usual" because they will no longer have the threat of the loony Left to hold over our heads. We can replace them, not with moonbats, but with people who actually give a rip about our national interest.

Do not worry about one-party rule if this happens -- for the American people will not let that last long. Frankly, my hope is that we end up with "no-party" rule -- that our Executive and Legislative branches will not be populated with Democrats, or Republicans ... or Libertarians, or Greens, or Socialists ...

... but just Americans.

WOW- Finally, a succint, well-said point of view that cuts right to the core of the "Gridlock" mentality that is so prevalent in Washington. The Majority party in Congress has never before felt like it could not get real legislation accomplished until this current session of Congress. Good luck on your "Dream", I will be counting on its success.....Somehow, someway, some day...
Great insight, I couldn't have said it better myself. Although I would like to see the Republicans fall first (something about "lesser of two evils - don't know if I subscribe to that concept though). Heh! Heh!
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