Monday, January 24, 2005

OK ... now I'm back ...

... and I have been living in "interesting" times this month -- that's why the severe lack of posting.

Now, as Paul Harvey would say, "stand by for news ..."

Oh, and Ms. Pelosi ... let me 'splain you how the President thought there were WMD, when it appears there was none "in Iraq":

Our own failure to sort out the truth, Ms. Pelosi ... both the truth of "no stockpiles", and the truth of Saddam's future lethal intentions ... is a direct result of the emasculation of our intelligence capabilities over the last three decades.

Riddle me this ... what political party, over those three decades, gave us the strongest advocates for those actions ... and were also the biggest opponents to the decisive actions that would have nipped problems like Saddam and Al Quada in the bud?

And everyone seems to have forgotten the threats of chemical warfare by Saddam even AS the US was invading and the big "red circle"; the Iraqi 'chemical suits' that were found all over the battlegrounds.

I seem to recall the Dems & Libs' screeching that we shouldn't go any closer to Bagdhad; the endless reports on the efficacy and availability of US masks and suits, which chemicals or bio products Saddam was likely to unleash...


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