Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraq for Moore-ons (and No-rons) ...

"Freedom-fighter" (a.k.a. "Iraqi Minuteman") -- Iraqi citizen who risks his/her life for freedom, signified by the presence of purple dye on one index finger. Prime examples of such heroes may be found here, and here.

"Martyr" -- those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom, who are signified by either the presence of the purple dye above at the time of their demise, or the fact that they were on their way to apply that dye when life was taken from them.

"Oppressive, imperialist bully" -- those who took the lives from the martyrs, in a lame attempt to dissuade the freedom-fighters from acting in support of Iraqi freedom. A specifc form of the term "loser".

"no-ron" -- (generic term) one who refiexively opposes ANY decisive use of American force (unless there is a pre-existing condition of massive American casualties within its borders; then, they will allow force ONLY against those who actually "pulled the trigger", but not against those who support such threats, and/or clearly will present such threats in the future).

"No-ron" -- (specific term) one of the thirteen Senators who exhibited an abject lack of sound judgment, by voting against the confirmation of Condi Rice as Secretary of State in January 2005.

"Moore-on" -- self-explanatory.

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