Saturday, December 25, 2004

'Tis the season ...

... for some pseudo-random thoughts!

... Isn't it ironic that some say Christian voices should not be heard inside our public institutions, when it was government tax policy that determined the location and conditions of the birth of the central figure of Christianity.

... It's now time for the ultimate test of a toy's market potential -- how long do children play with the toy vs. how long do they play with the box?

... From tomorrow until New Years' is my favorite time to buy Christmas decorations.

... Who would have ever thought that the Texas Gulf Coast, all the way from the Mexican to the Louisiana border, would have ** a ** White Christmas ... much less a ** 4-inch ** White Christmas? (Look for disaster-area declarations later!) ...

... not that you need snow for Christmas, when you have plastic sheets and packing peanuts to put on the ground in its place (as they do in "the O.C.", which is where I am at as I write this).

... In fact, Christmas is only incidentally about snow, Frosty, Rudolph -- and Santa. It's about the expression of love in just One gift (in a small package) given to us two millennia ago ... and this season is an opportunity for us to cover the world around us with the contents of that package, in the same way that five loaves and two fish fed thousands.

And for the "gentlemen" (and ladies) far from home, who defend our ability to express that love. May "God rest ye merry", with relief from the burdens of your appointed duty, at least for a while.

Merry Christmas to all, from The Alleged Mental Case.

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