Wednesday, December 01, 2004

There's some Major blogging ...

... that you need to read.

Go over to MajorDad's, and be sure to read these posts:

Be Thou at Peace ... I stand in total agreement with the Major, here.

Rough Men and Women Standing Ready ... 'nuff said.

You Make The Call ... IRAQ -- which has engendered a stiff debate in its comments section.

My view on this is simple -- while the Iraqis have every right to determine their own form of governance, they also have the responsibility to assure that their government not only adopts, but structurally protects all the principles of human interaction that are described here .

Otherwise, we will have to go back in there and repeat this detestible process, sooner or later ... for a failure in exercising this responsibility will once again turn Iraqi soil into fertile ground for the growth of terror and evil.

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