Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Do I see some semi-regular readers ...

... visiting here from time to time? I see that several domain names keep coming up repeatedly in my SiteMeter reports (don't worry ... they only go to the detail of "aol.com", and are not individually tracable).

If you're a repeat visitor -- THANK YOU! The highest complement you can pay me (OK, maybe next to making my house payment for me) is to read what I have to say ... and I hope you're getting some good stuff out of what I write.

As those of you who blog know, it's a lot more enjoyable to do this when you know it's not just going out into dead air.

If you would indulge me, leave a little feedback in the comments sections that will let me know (at a level you're comfortable with) who's reading this. If that level is zero ... that's cool too.

More later ...

Hi Rich,

CLD from the Midwest here. Frequent reader, seldom commentor. Found your blog via Smash's site. Thought your comments were inciteful as well thought out so it doesn't surprise me that your blog is too.

Keep up the good work!
Hey Rich, Ms. Dani here. Thanks for all your honest and intelligent comments over at TheAgitator.com, one of my favorite weblogs.
Didn't know you had a blog. Got you linked on my site now. Since we won't be able to get a dose of you at Radley's, I guess we'll have to show up at your crib.

= :)
Hello, Mr. Casebolt, my old FrontPageMagazine.com nemesis. Haven't posted there in an age (it has really gone to the nutters), but missed your well thought out (though wrong :-)) posts. Got your site from Radley Balko's (one of my most frequented blogs). I bookmarked you, so perhaps in the future we can mix things up peacefully.

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