Monday, November 15, 2004

The cluelessness is even worse (part 2) ...

Thomas Frank continues ...

Still, Bush wasn’t re-elected solely because of GOP bait-and-switch, Frank says, but because the Democratic Party, in its rush to compete in dollar amounts, deprived itself of a potent platform from which to attack the Republican Party.

"NAFTA was the killer. There were many ways in which [the Democratic Party] made this mistake," Frank told "[Former President Clinton] signed off on the Reagan economic agenda. From antitrust to deregulation, there is a blurred distinction between the Republican Party and Democratic Party on economic issues."

By befriending certain segments of corporate America — "New Economy billionaires," as Frank puts it — Clinton and other centrists within the party were trying to signal they were not the enemy of business. But in doing so, they may have spent the credibility they would later need to hammer Republicans on Enron and other Wall Street scandals that unfolded at the start of the Bush administration.

Methinks there was another reason for the lack of hammering on these scandals ... the underlying malfesiance of these scandals occurred on President Clinton's watch.

This support for business has other roots besides campaign funding ... the centrist Democrats perceived (correctly) that "we the people" now view a business-friendly society as beneficial to our own pursuit of happiness. The "us-vs-them" mindset of the old union-DNC alliance doesn't sell in large parts of this nation ... and has not for years.

Unfortunately, the hard Left just doesn't get this -- they stick with the politics of wealthism, instead. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, it was the hard Left -- motivated by their disdain for not just the war, but for a President whose worldview inevitably clashed with their dreams for a secualr Utopia -- that became the motivating force of the Democratic Party in Campaign 2004.

Pat Cadell adds to the cluelessness in this article:

"Eight trillion dollars of the people's money disappeared in the 401(k) scandal ... the Democrats never spoke about it in the campaign," Caddell told FOX News. "They’re so indebted to those money sources that they can’t go after corporate corruption."

Again, maybe the Dems didn't want to go after the corruption, because what corruption there was took roots on their watch.

Or, could it be that they again saw what "we the people" saw ... that the 401(k) "scandal" was not a scandal at all, but rather a normal, free-market consequence of the hubris we all had regarding the money to be made from technology investment in the 1990's. Blaming it on an Administration that took office as the collapse occurred would have been a non-starter with most of us -- for we knew where the real fault was lying ... with us.

More later ...

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