Tuesday, November 30, 2004

At least the world's getting this right ...

... while I have not been following this as closely as I'd like, the events that are unfolding in Ukraine (BTW, it's not "the Ukraine" -- hasn't been since it gained independence from the old Soviet Union).

Instapundit (of course) has been tracking the news and views that are permeating the blogosphere on this ... be sure and check there regularly.

A few pseudo-random thoughts of my own:

However, as John O'Sullivan notes, this confrontation has also exposed a couple of losers, besides the obvious ones above:

A third loser is French President Jacques Chirac and those European leaders who want the European Union to be an anti-American counterweight to America. International crises involving Russia tend to remind Europeans that the United
States remains a very valuable ally in a dangerous and unpredictable world. Fantasies of a superpower Europe seem insubstantial delusions by comparison with this tested alliance.

The final losers are the U.N. and Kofi Annan. The U.N. has been invisible. As Kofi Annan has been trying to keep his head above oil, he has issued his usual appeal for restraint. But this crisis has brought forth the heroes of the Cold War from retirement -- Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa and Margaret Thatcher -- to encourage the orange revolutionaries. And Annan cannot begin to compete with their moral authority or the legitimacy they can bestow.

I paricularly like how these members of the Freedom Hall of Fame have stepped up and showed the world what true leadership is. Let us not forget that without their courageous leadership in earlier times, when it would have been easier to engage in the shams of "peaceful coexistence" and "detente", the Ukrainian people would not be able to stand up against the corruption in their midst.

Let us also not forget one other who made these days possible ...

Thank you, Mr. Reagan.

Thanks to you, the Ukrainian people ... and a world who now sees your wisdom ... can "win one more for the Gipper."

Hey Rich. I couldn't agree with you more. When it looked like the Ukrainian govt was about to sweep this election under the rug, I got a little nervous and discouraged because I really wanted to see freedom prevail here. I was nearly euphoric in seeing the Ukrainian citizens actually using the freedom they had gained in recent history to stand up for their own rights. Simply awesome. This whole ordeal should encourage the rest of the world, Iraqis especially, to stand up for their freedoms or lack thereof.
rich, a post from you that i (almost) totally agree with!

keep it up....
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