Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Payback ... for the Presidency

This article by Mark Hertsgard in the SF Chronicle is evidence of something that I have repeatedly pointed out in my cybersquatting ... Kerry (if elected) will "owe" his election -- and therefore, owe a lot of deference -- to the hard Left. They will be able to influence the policies of a Kerry Administration far, far more than they did the DLC-supported (and cunning political animal) Bill Clinton. He will "owe" them -- whether he agrees with them, or not -- and this article indicates that they will seek to "collect" ... even if he refuses to pay up.

With Kerry, the co-president will not be his wife -- it will be a combination of George Soros, Michael Moore, Howard Dean, MoveOn.org ... and the others that Hertsgard groups together as the "Beat Bush Brigades".

Vote for Kerry, and you will not just be electing the Undertaker and Senator Handsome ... you will be "electing" the Beat Bush Brigades into a policy-making position.

Keep that in mind, not only when you enter the voting booth, but before your friends do ... more than ever, "friends don't let friends vote Democrat."

(Hat tip: Allahpundit)

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