Friday, October 01, 2004

THE NUTS & BOLTS: Threat assement in the 21st Century

Instead of just waiting for bodies as proof of a threat ... the method of choice in the diplomatic community, it seems ... how about we instead evaluate the:

> History (as in "mass murderer"/"WMD collector".)

> Character (as in a persistent record of lies, deceit, and disregard for the inalienable rights of people like you and me.)

> Capabilities (not just weaponry, personnel, or wealth, but the totality of control one or a few have over a nation's resources and infrastructure -- and the lack (or presence) of structural checks-and-balances in their socioeconomic system that preclude capricious action by such leaders.)

to see if we have a threat, or not?

From what I see, you can come up with an accurate assessment of the long-term threat level of any leader, before they produce another (or the first) casualty outside their borders, by such an evaluation.

Try it on your despot-of-choice ... however, be aware that this system does not work well in a morally-relative environment.

That's why the UN ... and the DNC ... don't endorse it.

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