Tuesday, October 05, 2004

THE NUTS AND BOLTS: This Keeps Biting America in the Butt ...

A real nugget of wisdom from Citizen Smash regular "Jane M", in the comments section of this link:

... Complacency is stupid. I was as complacently stupid as any American prior to 9/11. Complacency is what gave the Japanese the opportunity to sell us better made automobiles and took the domestic US electronics market away from the likes of Motorola, RCA,etc, etc. Complacency made us feel stupidly secure in our island fortress. Complacency gave us 9/11 and the GWoT. I think some of us got smart in the last 3 years but too many remain stupid in our country today.

Complacency is one of the most pervasive faults we willingly endure -- and it is truly universal, going far beyond national security into many other areas that affect our well-being.

It is complacency that leads people to think it is their right to keep the same job in the same town forever ... and blame their employers when they can no longer guarantee a continuous progression of raises for that job (regardless of worker productivity), much less the job itself ... instead of taking on the preparation and planning to expand their own productivity ... and also maintain the ability to fire their management when a better opportunity arrives.

It is complacency that leads to many parents totally delegating the responsibility for their kids' education to the school ... neither questioning what the school's teaching (or indoctrinating) those kids, nor accepting their own responsibility for motivating and assisting their kids when they struggle.

It is complacency to support, not a limited government, but a "rent-a-government" where a lot of individual decision-making is delegated or defaulted to those who supposedly "know better". Like the mayor of the old sitcom "Carter Country", we want others to "Handle it Handle it Handle it " ... to the point that we cast our vote based upon what these "experts" promise to do FOR us, instead of acting upon the understanding that there is NO way a relative few -- no matter how "expert" -- can solve problems that differ greatly from individual to individual, with either effectiveness or efficiency.

Complacency holds us back ... it hobbles the future of our children, when they need to realize that their future is NOW when it comes to their education and work ethic ... like Jane so accurately states, it allows others to (rightfully) take what we could have earned ... and it can kill us with a brutality like never before.

As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us!"

Specifically, Jane lays out still more wisdom in regards to national security.

We should be emulating the Israelis IMO as a unified and determined people who will do what has to be done to survive and maintain our national security.

Now, would a Kerry administration be as wise as Jane? Is it wise for "we the people" to take a chance on that?

As the first President Bush might say, "... wouldn't be prudent."

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