Monday, October 04, 2004

Nothing to fear here -- just "move on" ...

Great post over at the The Big Picture, that brings up an underlying theme I've heard from both the Kerry campaign (remember "FEAR and smear") and several Kerry supporters -- that the threat of terrorism is overblown, so we don't need to worry about it::

So Kerry’s not just an anesthesiologist. He’s Doctor Kevorkian.


A little off track, but this made me think about an article I found the other day while cleaning out some old newspaper clips. . . It was from Sept. 1998, and it talked about how 18 bin Laden followers had been arrested, and how it was a huge blow to their terrorism efforts. Appalling -- and that was Clinton's 'intelligence.' I can't imagine what the state of affairs will be with a Kerry presidency.

By the way -- excellent blog. I caught it via the Agitator.

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