Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My kinds of October Suprise

1> That the Administration confirms these memos as authentic (Via Citizen Smash).

2> Think about John Ashcroft's performance at the 911 Commission hearings, then substitute:

"VP Debate" for "911 Commission hearing"
"Cheney" for "Ashcroft"
"Senate Intelligence Committee" for "Gorelick"
"Just-declassified memo on successful WMD covert tracking efforts from the Administration" for "Just-declassified memo on maintaining separation between CIA and FBI from Gorelick."

I'll leave the rest to your imagination ...

Light bloggage until tonight -- day job presses, and I have to take the Mrs. to the doctor.

Thanks to SMASH for announcing my "arrival"!

Hey Rich,

I just saw on Smash that you've got you're own site.

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