Wednesday, October 20, 2004


First, Instapundit illustrates the erosion of support for Zarqawi and his fellow terrorist thugs (both foreign and home-grown) ... and the resolve of the Iraqi people.

Next, James Dunnigan illustrates the erosion of Al Quada itself. (Hat tip: SMASH.)

Then, Central Washington University professor Matthew Manweller lays out the stakes in this election.

Finally, Citizen Smash has something to say about about criticism of the Administration's execution of operations in Iraq ... and he does know something about the subject matter!.

Commenter "Insufficiently Sensitive" added to SMASH's analysis, responding to a critic of the Administration:

Bah. That sort of sneering is amateur hour compared to the new improved Andrew Sullivan. It's also preposterous to state such garbage without providing one or more examples of someone pulling off such a mission successfully in a 'superbly-planned regime change that went off with no logistical hitches, casualties nor postwar soreheads, to the polite applause of the grateful citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria and the General Assembly of the U.N'.

Wishful thinking by partisan second-guessers.

However bad the combined forces of mainstream newspapers, TV and the lofty intellectuals at PBS and NPR make the reports look, there is no longer a regime in Iraq with oil-funded resources to corrupt half the Security Council while stashing boxcars of cash for its intended new weapons program. No more cushy retirement for Abu Abbas and Abu Nidal. No more mass rapes and murders to keep the citizens in line. And no more reaching out to prop up any sort of terrorist organization worldwide who might get lucky and wreak horrible deaths on many thousands of Americans all at once. That WAS and IS the mission. And if you've forgotten, even Senator Kerry and the whole Clinton administration declared for the exact same regime change.

Bush 41 held back from the same regime change knowing very well that the aftermath would be a mess. No one (except for anti-Bush partisans and media poseurs) need be surprised that it is so - but after 9/11, realists were forced to conclude that strong actions were proper, mess or no mess, to break the Islamofascist stride. So far, the realists control the game, and we're the better for it. Power-seeking second-guessers are encouraged to win an election and try their hand at governing, and then we'll see how good they are at planning.

OTOH, between their statements on the draft, Social Security, and faith healing, it is evident that Senators Undertaker and Handsome have TOTALLY given up on running on the truth.

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