Friday, October 01, 2004

Isn't it interesting ...

... that the Senator insists on a multilateral view when it comes to Iraq, yet believes that a unilateral approach to North Korea is best.

... that the Senator asserts that he can "re-unify" old alliances ... even as he makes political footbals out of our present (and in most cases, old) allies, and punts them downfield.

I seriously question whether the Senator can deliver on his promises ... not only because that delivery depends upon others who may attempt to use our desire for alliance as leverage against our best interests, but because the Senator has lately shown far less "nuance" than the President he seeks to replace.

Speaking of that President ... I think that his explanation of our foreign policy re: North Korea, and the knife edge he successfully walked regarding Russia, shows that he truly has the "nuance" to lead ... in substantive terms, not just in style.

Problem is, that is not the collectivist-consensus nuance of the old hippies like the Senator, and their younger wannabes ... for their kind of "nuance" requires that America be brought to heel, in submission to their intellectual "superiority" that (supposedly) made the need for armed conflict obsolete (unless there are already dead bodies in our streets).

Such as these confuse erudition with wisdom -- and in the words of a renowned scholar of his day, "Professing to be wise, they become fools".

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