Tuesday, October 26, 2004

For some, it's a way of lie ...

A couple of more examples where the Party of Relativism is living up to the description:

... this attempt at deception by the NYT, combined with the usual demagoguery by the Kerry campaign regarding 300+ tons of missing high-explosives in Iraq ... dual-use (read: trigger for nukes) munitions that were already gone, by the time we arrived at the storage facility mere days after the invasion started.

Maybe if we hadn't been trying to appease the UN for so long ... and I thought that Saddam was innocent when it came to WMD?

(Read here for more on this).

... attempts (through TV ads -- I've seen both) to tar House candidates Arlene Wohlgemuth and Pete Sessions as supporters of a massive, 23% tax increase on the middle class, while letting the wealthy skate ... attempts that left out the total story of the tax they are supporting -- The Fair Tax.

The Fair Tax replaces the income, Social-Security, Medicare, estate, gift, and capital-gains taxes for EVERYONE ... its implementation plan includes Constitutional amendments that would permanently eliminate the income taxes listed above (the people who developed The Fair Tax are smart enough to realize the potential for double taxation!).

The Fair Tax replaces the "Form 1040 Nightmare" with another sales-tax bin -- the IRS disappears from the sight of the vast majority of Americans.

It is still progressive -- with The Fair Tax, everyone gets a uniform, monthly rebate that is equivalent to the sales tax paid by someone at the poverty line. Therefore, those below the poverty line will pay NO taxes ... no (regressive) Social Security tax, no (regressive) Medicare tax ... and lower-income people will pay taxes at a rate that is effectively reduced. Also, we will no longer have to pay the business/corporate income taxes that are hidden in the prices of everything we buy now!.

Of course, the Dems hate it:

> It would also place the cost of government out in front of everyone on a daily basis (instead of hiding it from the majority of Americans through the combination of witholding and the steep progressivity in our present system).

> It would also eliminate their ability to use the tax code as a back-door to social engineering.


Viewing the above brings a nagging question of mine to the surface:

I'm seeing this kind of garbage coming ONLY from Democrats. Where are Republicans doing this ... especially at this level of blatant distortion?

Here's your chance, Bush-bashers ... show me where the GOP is stooping to these kinds of tactics. You can either leave them in the comments section of this post ... or e-mail them to me.

I wait, with baited breath ...

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