Sunday, October 03, 2004

CYBERSQUATTIN' -- profound commentary on the "birth process"

From the comments section of this Belmont Club post:

From Monty:

The American military is midwife to this process, and like all births, there is much blood and pain. But we we can use all our skill and hope and faith to make this birth a successful one.

mommmm! expands upon Monty's wisdom.

Exactly. And when the birth is protracted, as this one is, everyone starts wondering if it is worth all this. Afterwards, of course, we all say it was...even if all we get is a squalling, demanding infant who looks like Churchill on his good days.

However, I don't necessarily agree with the hard line (tending towards "scorched earth") taken by the author Wretchard cites in the post ... we are necessarily taking on a task that is both more noble and more difficult than the reconstruction after WWII; the conversion of a nation from tyranny to rights-respecting democracy -- without grinding her people to powder first.

This requires precision-guided ruthliessness -- extreme in both its precision, and its ruthlessness -- on our part. Otherwise, the jihadists and dead-enders will be supported (not just endured, as they are at present) by the population.

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