Friday, October 01, 2004

CYBERSQUATTIN' -- an "illegal" war?

(My response to a poster over at Citizen Smash who considers OP Iraqi Freedom "illegal":)

... is it "illegal" to insist upon enforcement of the law when a corrupt sheriff will not ... or when the sheriff is so inept he sends in an investigative team that is inadequate for the job at hand?

That is PRECISELY the situation we had when we called upon the UN to do the right thing.

France and Russia -- with UNSC veto power -- had significant financial interests (and so did Germany) in the "status quo" Iraq of Saddam & Sons ... I would daresay that their "investment" in that Iraq dwarfed what Halliburton is getting now for their services.

The inspections were inadequate for the job -- and anything short of a surrender of Iraqi national soverignty to those inspectors would have not assured that Saddam & Sons weren't hiding something. Tell me that was even a remote possibility.

And, even if they did find "something" (like those Al Sammood missiles), it was very likely that (1) Saddam would have blustered and cowed the UN into backing off, and/or (2) the nabobs in the diplomatic community would have declared success, brought the inspectors home ... and left such things as those PROVEN and ILLEGAL weapons programs in place, ready for an emboldened Saddam, fresh from playing the UN like a Stradivarius once again, to start them up.

Also consider that "law" and "justice" are two different things, and can often be in opposition. Saddam had laws, too, y'know -- the difference between his unjust laws, and our just laws, is in the basis for those laws.

Same goes for the UN ... and I don't trust the relativist "everything's gray" worldview that many of its members, and a certain Presidental candidate (and his party), share.

Sometimes, it IS black and white ... regardless of the level of consensus. Making consensus our primary goal is the way of the lemming ... and leads to the same end.

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