Friday, October 08, 2004

CYBERSQUATTIN' -- First take on PrezDebate Round 2

I watched the complete debate (except for a couple of instances where I had to address some needs around the house), while also following Instapundit's live blogging. I left my first impressions over in one of the comment threads at Citizen Smash.


What people saw tonight was a Kerry that, while he says he wants to lead us into the future, will be viewed by anyone with common sense as someone who seeks to lead us nowhere but back to the failed policies of the past.

Can you say "nuclear freeze" ... "class envy" ... and to top it all off, going back to the same allies who we now KNOW were corrupted by Saddam?

I might start believing Kerry ... when I get the middle-class tax cut Bill Clinton promised me. Until that happens, IMO Kerry's peddling the same socio-economic vaporware as his fellow Democrat was in 1992.

Read my lips -- HE CAN'T BE TRUSTED! Not only does the flip-flop charge stick, he's going back to his peacenik/Leftist roots, big time.

BTW, Kerry's policies will lead to another kind of middle-class tax cut ... for those 900,000 (note, the actual figure is 471,000, according to -- that's still a huge number!) "millionaires" who are actually small-business owners will not be cutting their caviar budget when their taxes go up -- they will be cutting their company payrolls, capital-equipment budgets, and investment activity instead.

People who lose their jobs stop paying taxes, y'know.

OTOH, I saw a President that was connecting to the people in that room ... and connecting to a lot more watching on television.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but ... BUSH IS BACK!

And, the longer he stands with this kind of strength, the more people will perceive his wisdom ...

... and the foolishness of Senator Undertaker.


I might add that I saw something else from the President ... balance. He was not acting like a knee-jerk conservative -- in fact, he was advocating a few policies that even a thinking conservative would find hard to stomach (triangulating on the environment and Medicare).

However, he is the President of the whole nation ... and is wise enough to pick his battles.

I think the "Bush lied" meme has lost nearly all of its steam ... because people with common sense now have the analysis that shows that, while Bush (and Blair, and Chirac, and Clinton ... and Kerry) were wrong on "stockpiles", they were right about Saddam's intentions and near-future development capabilities.

They also can now see prima facie evidence of the vulnerability of diplomatically-directed weapons inspections and sanctions, and have a prime example (in the work of the Iraq Survey Group) of what it takes to conduct a REAL weapons inspection. This (along with his condescending attitude towards our present allies) makes Kerry's talk of forming alliances ring hollow ... with allies like those who were part of the UN Crude-For-Food cabal, the terrorists could breathe easy.

Watch for Kerry to start playing to peoples' wealthist prejudices -- not only because of the third debate, but because his foreign-policy claws are simply not sinking into Bush's political flesh ... or voters' minds.

More analysis later ...

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