Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A convergence, on convergence

The depth (as in "pit") of Kerry's foreign-policy approach is becoming more and more clear -- the blogosphere is converging upon the convergance of Kerry's history and rhetoric.

Here's my take on it.

Add to this

Rudy Guiliani

Timothy Goddard

The ever-masterful James Lileks

(above links thanks to Instapundit -- I'll update this post later, with more from other places)

Memo to Senator Undertaker ... we know what you really stand for, despite your rhetoric -- and we are letting the rest of the world know, too. Politically speaking, be afraid ... be very afraid.

Giuliani, Lileks and me--wow, that's the best list I've ever been party to.

The remarkable thing about Kerry is that this is what always happens when he wanders away from his talking points. It's the same thing that happened with his mini-press conference. Bloggers got hold of his words and shredded them into confetti. It's really quite amazing.
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